Ham hock terrine and pea and ham soup

imagesCAN18FO1Two lovely recipes using the cheap cut of ham hock



2 ham hocks

2 carrots

2 celery sticks

2 leeks

3 onions

Bay leaf sprig

Chopped parsley

Teaspoon of cloves

Teaspoon white peppercorns

2 tablespoon of mustard

For the soup

I kilo Bag of frozen peas


Place all the ingredients in a pan of cold water

Bring to simmer gently and leave for 5 hours

Discard any froth from the top

Remove hocks from stock discard any fat and flake using a fork while hot (be careful !!)

Line a terrine dish with cling film

To the flaked ham add the mustard and chopped parsley  and mix well

Place mixture into the terrine dish add a little of the reduced stock over the top

To set, place in fridge overnight.

Serve with crusty buttered bread and pickles


For the soup

For 1 ½ litre of ham stock use I Kg bag of frozen peas


With the remaining stock bring to the boil and pass through a sieve

Add the bag of frozen peas

Place the pan on  a sink full of ice with water and blend the cold will keep the lovely rich green colour

Season well

Garnish with crème friache or olive oil