Duck breast with pear and pineau sauce




For 2 people


1 duck breast

1 pear

A knob of butter

1/4 teaspoon of caster sugar

30ml of Pineau de Charentes

100ml of chicken or duck stock

100ml of cream

A sprig of thyme

Salt and pepper to taste



Take the duck breasts and trim off the excess fat and sinew.  Score the fat on the duck breast in a criss-cross fashion, season and place to one side.


Peel and quarter the pear, remove the core and place to one side.


Pre-heat a frying pan and place the duck breasts fat side down and cook until golden brown.   Then turn over the duck breasts and seal.  Place onto a baking tray and put into a pre-heated oven at 180°C.  Cook the duck breasts for 6-8 minutes for pink meat and longer if you prefer your duck more well-done.


While the duck is cooking remove most of the fat from the same frying pan that was used to seal the duck and place back on the heat.  Add a knob of butter, the caster sugar and cook the pear. Once the pear is golden brown add the Pineau and flambée before pouring in the cream and stock.  Put in a small sprig of thyme and reduce by half.


Once cooked remove the duck breasts from the oven and leave to rest for Five minutes then slice the duck breasts and arrange onto plates and pour over the sauce.