Crispy duck salad

This is a constant favourite at Café Portebleue we have been asked so many times for this one here it is and it’s so easy!!




Ingredients serves 2 as a main

Two duck confit legs

1 birdseye chilli

A splash of Sesame oil

A sprinkle Sesame seeds

Chilli sauce

Crisp lettuce

1 small Red onion

Cherry tomatoes halved

A drizzle of Hoi sin sauce

Fresh coriander

Splash of vinaigrette


Bake of the duck legs until very crispy let cool and flake the meat from the bone



In a non-stick frying pan heat a little olive oil

Add the chopped birdseye chilli and salt and pepper

Crisp up the flaked duck


In a salad bowl mix the crisp leaves with the red onion tomatoes and coriander leaves

Add the sesame oil and seeds and a splash of chilli sauce and some vinaigrette salt and pepper.

Separate the salad between two large serving bowls

Top with the crispy duck and drizzle with hoi sin top with remaining